Reliable manufacturer of O2 and N2 PSA generators

Who we are

OXYMAT is the largest supplier of PSA oxygen and nitrogen gas generators in Europe.

We are specialists in designing on-site gas generators, and we supply high quality custom-made solutions as well as standard industrial solutions for any industries and applications.

Regardless of your choice you will always get the highest quality and the lowest energy costs.


OXYMAT in numbers
  • +100 employees
  • +45 engineers
  • +6,000 installations
  • +€25,000,000 turnover in 2020

What is our offer to you?

With OXYMAT gas generators you can produce your own high-quality oxygen or nitrogen on-site.

  • You will become independent of gas suppliers.
  • You will save time and money.
  • You will have security of supply.

Having your own nitrogen or oxygen gas generating system puts an end to ordering/storing/stocking cylinders and checking your liquid oxygen tanks or nitrogen gas cylinders.

When working with OXYMAT you can rest assured that we will listen, design, and manufacture your equipment according to your requirements.

This is why we have gained the reputation world-wide as the supplier of the highest quality PSA gas systems on the market. A reputation we are proud of and do our best to preserve every day.

Aquaculture –

Oxygen application

World’s largest well boat

OXYMAT delivered the oxygen package for Ronja Storm and Gåsa Høvding, world largest wellboat.

World’s largest smolt station

OXYMAT delivered the oxygen package for Bakkafrost’s smolt station in the Faroe Islands. The system consists of 7 full lines – each with a capacity of 650 kg/hr.

Quick ROI (1-2 years)
Power consumption is more than 30% lower than any other oxygen generator on the market. Overall cost reduction up to 80% in comparison with cylinders. No on-going costs (refills, delivery and transportation charges etc.)


With OXYMAT you will get gas generators of superior quality

A supplier you can rely on

OXYMAT acts as an efficient and reliable collaborator for customers as well as end-users.

Our production is highly standardized, and all materials are produced according to offshore specifications. The only difference between a unit manufactured for an oil rig in the North Sea or a factory in Pakistan is the documentation package and the electrical equipment. 

Our standard product includes: 

  • stainless steel pipe sets and valves SS316L
  • powder coating in C4 equivalent offshore specs – inside and outside pressure vessels
  • pressure vessels designed for dynamic load
  • Bürkert (GE) angle-seated process valves (SS316L)