We have the pleasure of announcing the participation of Jørgen M. Clausen at the GATH conference in September.

Mr. Clausen is known as an entrepreneur who supports and starts new companies and projects in Denmark and Internationally. He is the inventor of SaltPower, a technology to make electricity from saltwater in an osmotic process. He is the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Danfoss A/S, which today is one of the world’s leading technology companies, with over 40.000 employees in over 100 countries.

As one of the leading voices of industrial innovation, Mr Clausen has always been a frontrunner and a role model regarding innovative ideas and entrepreneurship. He is passionate about technology, which has led him to foster the idea and open the Universe Science Park; a park that has the vision of creating a passion for natural science, technology and entrepreneurship. Through the years, he has been engaged in many projects focusing on renewable energy, such as solar power, wave power, PolyPower, and most recently, SaltPower.

 Danfoss has been a close partner to the aquaculture industry since the dawn of the first experimental farm. Today, they offer the technology needed to support a sustainable future for the entire aquaculture value chain.

 “We think about investments with a perspective on the next generation, and for us, aquaculture is one of the most interesting things we can see ourselves working on in the future”, Jørgen Clausen said during his last visit to Aalesund.

“We want a welfare society, but we can only get that if we have a thriving industry that creates the background to wealth. We need more technologists – i.e. engineers and scientists – who can come up with these new products. Our society is based on technology and sustainable solutions, but it must come from somewhere” –Jørgen M. Clausen.

 We look forward to this keynote!