Siri Børsum, Host

About Siri Børsum

Siri Børsum is a popular speaker in topics such as digitalisation, digital marketing, transformation and innovation. Siri is formerly Global VP Eco-development &partnership in Huawei. From September she will join the management team of the consulting firm Capgemini Invent. She is a former head of digital transformation at Google Norway, where she defected after 12 years. For 10 years she was sales director, and for 3 months she was Google Evangelist in Silicon Valley. For the last two years, she was the leader of digital transformation with a vision to escalate digitalization in Norway.

Siri Børsum also has 20 years of experience from the media industry in sales and management and from various board positions. Siri has a strong and passionate relationship with digitalisation, organisational culture, innovation and the opportunities technology provides and how it can improve both the customer journey and not least the results. Siri Børsum has given a number of inspiring lectures at various stages in Norway. With Siri Børsum we get an host that is updated, engaging and filled with useful and usable knowledge.