Panel discussion

The three latest ministers of fisheries in Norway will have a discussion about the developement of the aquaculture industry. They will look back and see what have been done to improve the industry in the last years and have a look into the “glass ball” to discuss what needs to be done if the industry shall reach the target of  a threefold increase by 2030 and five times by 2050. 

The Government wants growth in the aquaculture industry, as long as this is done in a sustainable way.

In order to achieve the sustainable growth target, the aquaculture industry and government needs to cooperate to be able to:

  • Ensure good fish health and fish welfare
  • Produce sustainable seafood with a low climate and environmental footprint
  • Produce healthy and safe seafood that meets nutritional needs and food preferences
  • Good access to the markets where the product is competitive, and can document that Norwegian seafood meets the requirements for food safety, sustainable production and fish health and welfare
  • Contribute to good and profitable jobs and local ripple effects along the entire coast and revenues for the community

The Norwegian Government have launched its aquaculture strategy entitled “A Sea of Possibilities”. The objective of the strategy is mainly to set the course for Norway’s aquaculture industry over the next 10-15 years, and to facilitate sustainable growth in the industry.

The aquaculture strategy launches several measures to achieve the goals set:

  • Goal of a holistic and simplified permit system
  • Goal of good care of fish health and fish welfare
  • Focus on climate, environment and circular economy

Some of these topics will be discussed between the current Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and the former Fisheries Ministers.