Per Helge Devold & Harald Tom Nesvik from GATH

Over 300 participants to GATH-conference.

National and international presenters, participants from a various type of organisations and companies will attend next week’s GATH conference in Ålesund. The conference is the first of its kind. – We look forward to spotlighting the aquaculture industry, technology, leadership, and sustainability. Including trends in aquaculture, as well as community development and building strong regions, says chairman of the board Per Helge Devold in GATH.

GATH set its ambitions less than a year ago – with a committed board, world-leading member companies and a steady administration we are ready to organize a three-day aquaculture conference for over 300 participants, as well as four excursions to companies in the region. Sparebanken SMN1, Sparebanken Møre and Sparebanken Vest are key contributors to the event.

National and international speakers

The conference puts the region on the aquaculture map. Sunnmøre is an important place you come to, to see and discuss technology. And furthermore, how this can contribute to increased innovation and value creation in the aquaculture industry. There will be participants from all over the country and several international actors.

– -We will discuss challenges and opportunities in the aquaculture industry. We promise a good mix of inspiration, interaction, provocation and subjects which together will contribute to skills boost for the industry and the region, says board member of GATH Harald Tom Nesvik.

Salmon Evolution, Egget, Hofseth in Røbbervika and Atlanterhavsparken – Aquaculture exhibition

In addition to the conference, the participants get the opportunity to visit leading companies within the aquaculture industry in the region. Four excursions are planned with boats and buses to Salmon Evolution’s facility on Indre Harøy, Hofseth International’s facility in Røbbervika, Egget on Vestnes and to the Atlanterhavsparken.

300 participants to student conference

In addition to 300 participants at the GATH conference, close to 300 students are expected at a separate student event on Tuesday afternoon.

– We look forward to showing all the competence and engagement in this industry. This high number of participants states the importance of the aquaculture industry in this region, and not least, how important the region is to the global aquaculture industry, says Per Helge Devold.