Maja Olderskog Albertsen, Analyst, Menon Economics

Economic impacts, value creation and future prospects of the aquaculture industry in Norway

The global aquaculture industry is growing, and Norway has long been at the forefront of the industry’s development. Now, as international competitors explore new solutions and technologies, Norway risks losing ground. To secure future value creation while adapting to the post-fossil fuel world, Norway must direct its resources towards low-emission, high-productivity industries, while becoming less reliant on fossil fuel income. What part can aquaculture play in this transition?

Menon is one of Norway’s leading expert communities on economic analyses, and has conducted an analysis of the Norwegian aquacultural and associated industry in Møre og Romsdal. In the report they analyze the industry’s value creation and economic impacts in the region as well as exploring future prospects for the industry. A comparative analysis between the aquaculture industry and its associated industries with other Norwegian industries is conducted, with special emphasis on productivity.

Maja Olderskog Albertsen will present the findings of this work, commenting on the economic impacts and contribution the aquaculture industry has had on the region. She has worked extensively with economic analysis in her time in Menon Economics. She has been a key resource in industry analyses, mapping of economic activity and innovation, and economic impact analyses in Norway. She has co-authored a number of Menon reports across a range of topics, particularly on the subject of industry projections in different industries. Maja has a master’s degree in economics from the University of Oslo.