Jonas Bergman, Redox AS

We welcome REDOX as new member in GATH

GATH Focuses on Aquaculture Technology – establishes cooperative alliance

«I have a strong belief that for our beloved Aquaculture industry to grow, collaboration across companies and segments needs to improve. GATH have shown that they have created a strong platform to facilitate such collaboration. So, the reason for Redox to join GATH is that we have a vision of seeing a strong sustainable Aquauculture industry in the future, and we need to play our part and collaborate with others that share the same vision.”, Jonas Bergman on the reason they join GATH.

Since the founding in 2004 Redox have provided sustainable, holistic solutions to regulate water quality for the aquaculture industry. With our experience in Ozone, Oxygen, UV and Filter technologies we have continued to drive the development of solutions that optimizes fish welfare and biosecurity.

 Since day one we have been strong in the wellboat segment, providing filters, UVs, Oxygen monitoring, production and injection as well as automated washing and disinfection systems for the wells and pipework.

 Now we are bringing that expertise to other expanding areas of the aquaculture industry such as landbased farms and closed pen production at sea where optimal water quality is equally important.  

 But we are not limited to the aquaculture industry. Our expertise in Ozone have given us the opportunity to work with some of the absolutely strongest and wellknown brands in Norway.