We welcome NTNU as new member in GATH

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is the largest university in Norway, we have a technological and natural science main profile, but also humanities, medicine, social sciences and management subjects. At NTNU in Ålesund we are just under 3000 students and 300 employees. We are part of Norway’s most business-oriented campuses.

NTNU educates students at several levels (Bachelor, Master), we also offer a number of one-year studies in several disciplines. We have the institutes

– Ocean space operations and civil engineering

– Biological sciences

– Health Sciences

– ICT and natural sciences

– International Business Development

Each of these institutes has expertise that will be needed within GATH’s entire business cluster. We already have collaborative projects with several of the partners. We can go into commissioned research where the industry itself focuses on what is wanted to be researched. We are also interested in developing larger and more long-term research projects (such as what are referred to as knowledge-building projects for industry), or international projects through e.g. the EU’s Horizon Europe programme,” says Annik Magerholm Fet.

We have set our goal that all students should be connected to an enterprise where they can write their assignments under co-supervision in the enterprise.

We want the collaboration to contribute to competence enhancement in the region, and also to make the region more attractive for new students and researchers with high and relevant expertise, concludes Annik Magerholm Fet with.