We are Sølvtrans

Determined to be the preferred infrastructure service partner to the aquaculture industry


Sølvtrans was established in 1986 with a rebuilt freighter that had a cargo capacity of 208 m3. Today we are the worlds leading provider of crititcal wellboat services for a growing aquaculture industry, and we strive to continue to be the world leader with new deliveries of modern, state of the art, Ronja vessels.

Sustainable Aquaculture

Three out of our five strategic objectives concern the environment. We place a high priority on the safe, gentle, and efficient handling of live fish, whilst safeguarding biodiversity and the natural marine environment we operate in.

Together with our suppliers, we are continuously developing technologies to optimize fish welfare and biosecurity, as well as minimizing fuel consumption and GHG emissions.

With the majority of our fleet built after 2013, we have one of the youngest, most flexible and modern fleets in our industry.

Our Services

Fish welfare is our highest priority, from the design of our vessels to the way we operate them. In combination with a high focus on biosecurity, we achieve aquaculture shipping operations which minimizes potential stress on the fish ensuring a high-quality service being delivered to our clients.

Our vessels are recognized as being innovative and very flexible. They can easily be upgraded by adding more equipment into already prepared areas, both inside sheltered decks or directly onto prepared areas on external decks. They have a high level of technical redundancy to ensure continued operation even in the event of technical issues.

Our vessels maintain the very highest standard, and are Global Gap compliant.

Fish Welfare

Fish welfare is one of our strategic objectives and highest prioritized areas in both our daily operations as well as our long-term goals and strategies.

Our vessels are designed in a way that promote fish welfare. In combination with a strong focus on hygiene, we aim to minimize potential stress on the fish while delivering high-quality products and services to our clients.

We have automatic tracking systems on all our vessels that monitor parameters such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, ammonia, temperature, and pH. It is essential for fish welfare that our staff are trained and have relevant experience with monitoring fish behavior and ensure that a high level of welfare is maintained.

All our vessels also have backup systems that protects the basic needs of the fish in case of a system failure or other unexpected events. To ensure fish welfare, all fish handling and bath treatments are carried out in close collaboration between veterinarians and our crew members.

Working On a Wellboat

Life on a wellboat is varied as well as challenging. In addition to normal operation of the vessel, the job also includes handling live animals in a secure, careful and effective manner.

We want co-workers that always seek personal development, strive to increase quality of our deliveries, and put safety and fish-welfare first.