The salmon deserves the best

We transport smolt and live fish to be slaughtered and perform sorting/counting of salmon and trout. We also offer our customers chemical-free and medication-free parasite treatment. All our operations are planned to give the salmon a first-class journey. The professional staff and advanced vessels of the company ensure that the welfare of the fish is taken care of in the best possible way. Our expertise of 35 years is gathered as best practices in our daily operation, which gives the salmon, our employees and the environment a safe and sustainable journey.


Rostein will be the most sustainable wellboat shipping company. We will reduce energy use and CO2 emissions in the salmon industry.

Energy-efficient products and solutions

Selection of suppliers with products that have a long life, high energy efficiency and are manufactured with low emissions.

Energy-smart operation

Effective fleet management and correct operational choices on each individual vessel

Energy-efficient value chains

Successful energy projects that are carried out in close cooperation with customers and suppliers



Our shipping company offers transport of salmon smolt, salmon and trout. With large vessels, the ecological footprint is reduced and unnecessary handling is avoided. Long experience lies behind the implementation of the operations and the human assessments that are carried out. Our employees follow all requirements and regulations, and we take good care of the fish. In this way, we also satisfy the expectations that both our customers and salmon eaters have of us.

All fish are monitored by underwater cameras in the hold

Water quality is measured and ensured with our modern equipment

We pride ourselves on the fish being well and are proud of the quality stamp we have in the industry


Sorted and even fish grow better than unsorted ones, and can reduce the risk of disease and improve health in the cage. If it is sorted at slaughter, the smallest fish can be returned to the bill and slaughtered in a few months. This allows the fish to reach the correct weight before being harvested.


  • All vessels are rigged for sorting
  • The capacity is up to several hundred tons per hour


In any food production, challenges can arise that require special attention. We offer a range of solutions for effective, gentle and environmentally sound parasite treatment. Get in touch with us for a good dialogue where we can jointly find a solution that takes care of the fish’s needs in the best possible way.


Our fleet consists of 18 vessels. Among other things, we have the world’s first hybrid wellboat and the world’s first wellboat with thermal treatment equipment. In Rostein, we use innovation and technology for the good of the fish’s welfare and tomorrow’s footprint. All of our vessels are 100% Norwegian-built and our operations have major beneficial effects on society.