Fish health and fish welfare – a key to improved aquaculture

To succeed in aquaculture access to precise health data and in-depth expertise in the understanding of biology is essential.

PatoGen has a long-standing record within fish health and has a lasting ambition to be a major contributor to more sustainable production of fish.

What we do: 

  • We detect viruses, bacteria and parasites in fish farms.
  • We understand the consequence of positive detections in a biosecurity perspective.
  • We establish fish health and fish welfare action points.

About PatoGen:

PatoGen was established in 2005 and has been a major contributor to improving salmon fish health. PatoGen is 100% owned by Fürst Medical Laboratory. Fürst is offering similar services to the human health care sector in Norway as PatoGen is offering to aquaculture.

 PatoGen has approximately 65 employees working at the units in Norway, Scotland and Ireland.

 PatoGen employees are specialists in fish health, diagnostics and laboratory production. This, combined with a passion for improved fish health, has established trust among fish farmers, who receive reliable results, good service and independent trustworthy advice.