Mørenot is a provider of solutions to the global fishing-, aquaculture- and seismic industries. We are 750 dedicated employees worldwide within sales, service, and production. Our mission is to create solutions to sustainably harvest food from the sea


Established: 1948

Number of employees: 750

Segment: Equipment for aquaculture and fishery


For more than a century our nets and long lines have helped fishermen bring food to people across the globe. We are rooted in the local communities we serve, but also have a global perspective. Since our start as a small fishing gear supplier in Norway, we have expanded to a growing number of markets – from Iceland to Spain to North America, and China. And with service stations along the world’s coasts, we are right where our customers need us.


At a time of rapid climate change and growing populations, we are setting new industry standards to sustainably harvest food from the sea. From catching fish in the sea to cultivating them in clean ocean environments, our solutions ensure safe and efficient operations. We offer new research, ideas and data systems to give fresh insight and control over technical processes. Extending our reach, we also provide seismic towing solutions for the wider marine industry.


Our story springs from an abiding love and respect for the oceans and the millions of people they support every day. That’s why we will always keep challenging ourselves to do even more to sustain the oceans as vital food sources for future generations.

Mørenot is playing a key role in an extensive environmental project: The world’s largest cleanup!

Mørenot is engaged in one of  the most pressing environmental problems of our age, and is now developing a 2.5-km-long ocean cleanup system with one objective: ridding the world’s oceans of plastic. This will be done in cooperation with the Dutch non-profit organization The Ocean Cleanup. Together they have developed a prototype in 2021 that proved to be a huge success and has already collected large amounts of plastic in the Pacific Ocean. A new, improved version is now under development and Mørenot was again the chosen supplier for this important project, which has been given the name ‘System 03’. For more information, see: Mørenot playing a key role in an extensive environmental project: The world’s largest cleanup! – Mørenot News (morenot.com)


As an actor in an industry depending on the oceans, we have a responsibility. Mørenot shall be a leading force in developing solutions for sustainable harvest of the ocean’s resources.


We want to be a leading force in the development of solutions that contributes to a circular economy and sustainable harvest of the oceans. We approach this challenge from two different angles. We have initiated a project to map the CO2 footprint of our existing products. At the same time, we shall develop brand new solutions, such as Mørenot Collect and CATCH Linetech.


We shall understand the climate impact of our operations and strive to reduce it. Today Mørenot reports on emissions directly controlled by the company (Scope 1) and indirect climate emissions related to purchased energy (Scope 2). At the same time, we are searching for initiatives to reduce our own climate emissions. One important initiative for us has been the development of a drying system for service of aquaculture nets based on electricity and heat recovery.


Our employees are our most important resource. Mørenot shall be a good place to work, where our employees experience their workday as meaningful and giving.


Mørenot shall be a driving force for an ethical and transparent value chain in our industries. We have developed a Supply Chain Code of Conduct that clearly defines our expectations to suppliers and business partners. We work continuously to monitor that these are followed.