About Marel

Marel is recognized globally as a leader in revolutionizing the food processing industry. The company is dedicated to facilitating the production of high-quality, safe, and cost-effective food products. By offering comprehensive solutions, services, and software tailored to the needs of poultry, meat, and fish processing sectors, as well as recently acquired verticals such as pet food, aqua feed, and plant-based proteins, Marel ensures a holistic approach to food processing.


At the heart of Marel’s operations lies a firm commitment to sustainability. Through innovative solutions, the company actively reduces waste, enhances yields, and generates economic value, thus contributing to a more sustainable food production process.

With a workforce spanning approximately 8,000 individuals across more than 30 countries, Marel maintains a strong global presence, ensuring prompt assistance and support wherever needed. From the initial concept to the implementation of solutions, Marel upholds a steadfast dedication to excellence in all endeavors.