A purpose-driven and fully integrated seafood company, offering a wide range of quality products


The story of HOFSETH started in an rebuilt dairy plant in 2005, and 15 years later we are one of the largest salmon and trout processors in Europe with an annual production of 60,000- 70,000 tons.

Established: 2005

Number of employees: 500+

Segment: Fully integrated seafood company

Our core strategies

In everything we do, we focus on our three main strategies that has been with us from the start.

Local value creation

We believe that the value creation from Norway’s fish farming should go to the local communities close to the source.

Utilize the whole fish

In order to have a truly sustainable business model, we utilize the fish waste and turn it into high value marine nutrition products.

Low environmental impact

In our whole value chain, from farming to freight of the finished product, we focus on reducing the environmental impact.

Ensuring sustainable food for generations – Responsible Farming

Norway’s unique nature creates a perfect area for fish farming. After thousands of years with natural accommodation for the Atlantic salmon and trout, it is our responsibility to organize our facilities and conduct our operations in sustainable way that preserves and protects the fjord’s wildlife.

Aquaculture has a low environmental footprint

Aquaculture is a sustainable and low-impact way of producing food. Compared to beef, one kilo salmon need eight times less feed than one kilo beef, while at the same time producing ten times less carbon and using eleven times less water.

ESG reporting

We acknowledge the reality of the climate crisis and accept our responsibility to provide sustainable, healthy food for as many people around the world as possible. We see this as a duty, not an option — based as we are in a fjord environment that has abundant resources of water and renewable energy, and is ringed by protective mountains, we can make optimal use of these assets through our wellestablished value chain to provide the world with much-needed healthy nutrition.