Roger Hofseth, CEO Hofseth International AS

How to achieve sustainable growth in an uncertain world


This is the story of how the Hofseth group plans to create a truly sustainable aquaculture ecosystem for the future, by thinking big and planning projects in tune with the environment. The world is changing quickly and unpredictable events in recent years have demonstrated the need to have a resilient and nimble business. The Hofseth group has control over the whole value chain in the production of salmon and we see great potential for further growth in production locally, in Norway.

Mr Hofseth is CEO of Hofseth International AS, which has more than 600 employees and ranks as Norway’s largest salmon processer. Roger Hofseth started his career in the mid 1990’s as a fisherman and as a worker at various local fish processing companies before starting on his own in 2001. His vision was to create as many fillets and portions as possible in Norway. In a shutdown dairy factory, he started to produce salmon in Syvde in 2004. Then a decade later, the group acquired Norway’s oldest salmon producer and moved into fish farming. With facilities situated close to each other in the Sunnmøre region of western Norway, the group covers the whole value chain for salmon production. With innovative technology, Hofseth Biocare ensures that every part of the fish can be utilised for human consumption. Early on, Roger believed and invested strongly in the American salmon market. Today, the Hofseth group exports to 23 countries and also ranks as the largest supplier of salmon products to the USA. In early 2020 Hofseth acquired a disused mine from Sibalco, the world’s largest olivine miner site at the entrance to the Geirangerfjord and next to all of Hofseth’s salmon farming
operations. The plan is to convert it into the largest and most sustainable land-based fish farm in the world.
In recent years, the group has devoted more than NOK 1 billion to upgrading its existing facilities. Roger Hofseth is a local patriot and has very big plans for the contribution the group can to the local community in the future