Sustainable food production through aquaculture

One of the most exciting aspects of Gadus and our fellow cod farmers is that we are venturing on scaling up a new industry that will naturally be rooted along the rural and coastal Norway. This will secure employment, settlement, activity and prosperity for many small and remote societies that rely on injection of new economic activity to remain vibrant. Our economic model is highly attractive as we spend most of or money locally while generating all revenues from abroad, contributing towards our national accounts. We are based in the Silicon Valley for aquaculture, and the ecosystem herein enable us to develop more agile, efficient and successful businesses. At the same time, we need that existing ecosystem to embrace the opportunity to yet again pivot, and use its heritage, traditions and position to adapt existing solutions and products to a new species within seafood. In my presentation I will elaborate on how the ecosystem of suppliers can help us along the way towards optimising the value chain for farmed cod. 

 Ola is an internationally experienced executive and the CEO and Founder of Gadus Group – a fully integrated cod farmer, based along the coast of Norway. His educational background stems from London School of Economics in London and IE University in Madrid, including economics, finance, law, business and strategy. Before founding Gadus Group in 2020, Mr. Kvalheim was an Investment Manager in the private equity partnership FSN Capital, where he invested capital on behalf of investors around the world and developed its majority owned portfolio companies through board positions and management roles. Prior to this he was an advisor at Goldman Sachs in London and New York. In this role he advised large international clients on mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, and top level corporate strategy, inter alia SoftBank, Mowi, Vodafone, Rolls Royce, Volvo, Liberty Global, Essity, Nokia and many of the largest family offices and private equity firms globally.