On stage together for the first time; Linda and Aino!

Two of the most prominent leaders in the aquaculture industry, Aino Olaisen and Linda Litlekalsøy Aase, will be attending the GATH conference in Ålesund on 4-5 September 2024.

With great joy and enthusiasm, we are delighted to announce the attendance of the leaders of two of the country’s most prominent and innovative aquaculture companies, Aino Olaisen, Chairperson and owner of Nova Sea, and Linda Litlekalsøy Aase, CEO of Bremnes Seashore. Both are at the helm of companies renowned for delivering well-established products in domestic and international markets. They significantly contribute to local value creation and innovation, and the ripple effects they generate have tremendous significance in the areas where they operate.

They are particularly known for their commitment to driving the industry forward into the future, where quality, innovation, fish health, welfare and sustainability are paramount. We eagerly anticipate the presence of these forward-thinking leaders in the aquaculture industry at this year’s GATH conference, where they will share their insights in a joint presentation on stage with those in attendance.

They will also participate in a panel discussion alongside other key industry players, sharing their thoughts on the way forward.