Lasse Christiansen, Founder & Partner / RLC

The wakeup call

Cyberthreats, Operational Technology and Availability. How to ensure that data is safe and that systems work in a world with ever increasing threats against networks and systems.

Lasse Christiansen will share relevant experiences and scenarios from where great values are at stake in a world few of us have had to deal with so far.

In todays world with an ever increasing reliance on networked technology for both sustainability, environmental legislation, monitoring, and day-to-day operations, the risk of being on the receiving end of various cyber threats is an ever increasing risk. Cyber threats and attack are on the rise from both state sponsored actors, various groups and individuals. We have already seen attacks against environmental controls and monitoring systems as well as other systems.

Lasse has decades of experience in the field of cybersecurity and technology and will give you a better understanding of the threats as well as some of the methods used to decrease risk and improve data security and availability of critical systems.

Lasse has over the past decades been involved heavily in designing and deploying the newest technologies and have assisted organisations all over the world in building some of the most high-tech network infrastructures around. He has also helped numerous law enforcement, military, financial and critical infrastructure organisations with improving their OT and IT security infrastructure and have designed numerous courses involving both development and deployment in a variety of sectors.

He has taught both OT and IT security at multiple universities around the world, throughout the past 2 decades.

Lasse originally has degree in finance and organisation, but also possesses more than 40 current technology certifications spanning everything from networks to servers to both offensive and defensive security operations as well af IT forensics.

He has designed and built security for organisations such as Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, Saudi Arabia Ministry of the Interior, Water and many other law enforcement and military organisations.