Lars Petter Aase, Seafood People

Innovation technology

Lars Petter works as a director for Strategy & Growth in Seafood People. He has led many projects and is a practitioner who loves challenging established theories.In his previous position as a Strategic Director at Frog, a global creative consultancy and part of Capgemini, Lars Petter was responsible for transformation and innovation projects for Lerøy, Equinor, Petoro, Norwegian Maritime Authority, Sbanken, ConocoPhillips, Norwegian Oil & Gas Association, Helse Bergen, Vimond and others.Lars Petter has over 20 years of experience in several media- and advertising companies. He is a design thinker and facilitates innovation projects for large to small-sized businesses. As a manager and consultant, Lars Petter encourages the idea of how a deep understanding of people can create ground-breaking innovations and how experimental and cheap prototyping can lead to rapid implementation. He also emphasized that people’s knowledge is critical in change and readjustment processes.As promo manager for TV 2, he had editorial responsibility for around 20,000 productions and as director and producer of several larger productions. During his time in various advertising agencies, he worked in award-winning teams on several prominent branding and innovation processes. He has developed analyses for brand and organizational culture and led several strategy- and change processes.Lars Petter is a program director and has the primary academic responsibility for the interdisciplinary master’s module; Strategic design for innovation – Design Thinking, on behalf of the University of Bergen, the University of Western Norway, and the Norwegian School of Economics.As a lecturer and speaker, his passion is to give people practical tools to go out and create their own experiences. He has facilitated innovation projects in the technology sector, energy, the food and seafood industry, health enterprises, and urban development. He has management experience from advertising agencies, TV 2’s promo department, and Radio 1. He has produced and directed commercials and promo films in Norway, the USA, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Latvia.Lars Petter has been a repetitious guest lecturer at BI, NHH, and Campus Kristiania.