Beate Solheim Grønnevik, Vice president, Havlandet Havbruk AS

Scaling the aquaculture industry with diversity


Beate is an experienced Market Executive with a demonstrated history of managing international brands. She has worked on the supply base in Florø since 2016 where expertise in the industrial cluster is one of the success criteria for land-based fish farming.

Havlandet was established in year 2000 which gives them 22 years of experience in marine fish production. We have produced land-based cod since the beginning, and in 2014 we started producing ballan wrasse. All these years of experience with cod has given us the only private cod breeding program, and today we are delivering cod from the 7th generation.

In 2020, Havlandet started salmon farming with RAS technology. The salmon thrived in constant and optimal water and temperature conditions and grew from 330 grams to an average weight of 4.1 kg in about 8 months. A growth that has surprised both feed manufacturer and veterinarian and this without challenges with sexual maturation and very low mortality. It has become a superior Norwegian salmon. We are ready to try new species in RAS technology, but we are finding government restrictions limiting. How can we become the largest seafood nation if we are not ready to explore the diversity within the ocean?