Cflow aims to maximize the resources we harvest from the ocean. We provide technology and solutions that enable high quality seafood, produced through fishery and aquaculture. Our automated systems take care of the fish in a secure way, ensuring that the fish maintains its quality, and that the operations are efficient.


  • Established: 2002
  • Number of employees: 117
  • Segment: Fish handling solutions for aquaculture and fishery


At Cflow, we believe in developing technology on nature’s terms. As we continue developing, we must be aware our responsibilities. The fish should, to the biggest extent, be able to swim in its natural habitat, thriving and growing undisturbed, with the freedom to express natural behaviour – just like the five freedoms describe. In addition, we have a responsibility to take care of the nature and environment surrounding us, and the responsibility to provide healthy, nutritious food for human consumption.


Therefore, we start the development from the perspective of the fish. The key to better fish welfare during handling is to reduce the handling time and enable the fish to stay in water for longer stretches of time. In other words, our job is to streamline the handling operations and increase capacity in a gentle and controlled way.


Our profound knowledge on biology, mechanics, and automation is transformed into precise systems that assure efficient operations. Cflow has extensive experience with using reality data for calculations, documentation, and development of new solutions. This insight results in predictable and controlled processes for you as an operator, along with the tools to make the right decisions whenever needed.

We will continue striving to make improvements for fishery and aquaculture. As part of the industry, we make it our responsibility to challenge today’s solutions and push technology forward – On nature’s terms.