Education and training to ensure recruitment to the aquaculture industry

The need for labor in the aquaculture industry is rising and will continue to rise in line with the expected growth. Higher education is generally considered important for the players in the industry, but it is emphasized that this must be relevant and adapted to the industry’s needs. Recruitment often takes place locally. There is reason to assume that there is a great need to run a more systematic education in the region, and that in the future educational support must function to a greater extent distributed rather than decentralized in order to make relevant contributions to the business environment in the region. Collectively, this points to the need for recruitment and education services to be developed more holistically and regionally.

The supplier industry is changing rapidly and finding continuously new technological solutions that change the requirements for personell. Digitalization of the industry sets requirements for adaption and competence developement.

    At GATH, we want to work for competence building for all our members and for the industry.

    • As an industry, ensure that we have relevant and sufficient competence at all times to meet future needs.
    • Establishment of a professional authority for the aquaculture industry to ensure that academia has an equal understanding of the industry’s needs.
    • Work as an industry towards academia to get formalized education into the industry.
    • Training in the industry; establish frameworks and structure so that we quality-assure the competence levels of those we train ourselves




    Training in companies