Communication and reputation improvement for the good of the aquaculture industry

Communication and improving the reputation for the best for the aquaculture industry is an important area if we are to succeed with the expected growth and increase in exports.

The communication challenge is possibly one of the biggest challenges we face in view of the major populist turns we see elsewhere in the world. Positioning of the industry and the competence environment we have will be important to be able to develop the industry further.

Visibility as a HUB and as an area will be important to attract the people we need to further develop the industry. Reputation of the industry; everything the industry says and does on all levels will contribute to how the industry is perceived, be it both positive and negative ways.

in GATH, we will work together as an industry to influence administration and authorities to facilitate good framework conditions for the industry.

At GATH, we want to build a good relationship with and good communication with the stakeholders we have in the industry to improve visibility, reputation, aquapolitics, challenges and positioning of the industry.