GATH member presentation – Twoday

GATH member presentation – Twoday

We create a better tomorrow through technology

Established: 2022
Number of employees: 2500
Segment: Information technology
Customers: 8,000
Countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Lithuania


twoday was established in 2022 when 22 former Visma companies from the Visma Custom Solution division were separated from Visma. Visma Custom Solutions’ focus was on consultancy and IT solutions. The business model of a consultancy is quite different from Visma’s focus on standard SaaS software, and both parties felt at Visma and twoday would be even more successful as separate companies.

 Our name, twoday, shows our eagerness to work closely with customers and it reflects that we are always available, present and efficient. The “Two” in twoday represents partnership with customers and community among employees. “Two” also represents equality, teamwork and cooperation between people. “twoday” represents drive, presence, availability and trust to deliver on time.


With more than 2,500 employees and 8,000 customers, we are one of the largest tech consulting companies in the Nordics.  Every day we develop truly useful solutions that make people’s everyday lives a little easier. We have a broad range of competencies. Whether you’re looking for specialists who can boost your e-commerce or customize applications, experts in software development, data & analysis or digital marketing – you will find your team of skilled people at twoday. To put it simply, we help people create value in the complex landscape of digital transformation. 

Our people combine strong skills with drive, adaptability and a big heart. Leading the way in digital transformation is no easy task. That’s why we invest in learning and development.

We’re a forward thinking community that works with new and modern technology to solve today’s challenges and create a better future. Together, we make a difference today – and prepare ourselves, clients and society for what tomorrow will bring.



We use data-driven insights to improve existing solutions in the public and private sector. Implementing sustainable technology solutions can be based on this insight. It is rewarding to contribute with data-driven insight that positively impacts society.

For example we have helped property companies that need a better overview of their buildings. Based on this, we find ways to streamline and optimise how spaces are used. Several buildings are empty after working hours, and can be used for other activities so that there are fewer buildings that need heating, and you don’t have to build more than necessary. 

Another example, is how our solutions contributed to saving businesses and workplaces in a difficult time. When consumption patterns changed as a result of the pandemic, we used insights from data collection to see how stores could adapt their offering. That way they could continue to be profitable.

GATH member presentation – Patogen

GATH member presentation – Patogen

Fish health and fish welfare – a key to improved aquaculture

To succeed in aquaculture access to precise health data and in-depth expertise in the understanding of biology is essential.

PatoGen has a long-standing record within fish health and has a lasting ambition to be a major contributor to more sustainable production of fish.

What we do: 

  • We detect viruses, bacteria and parasites in fish farms.
  • We understand the consequence of positive detections in a biosecurity perspective.
  • We establish fish health and fish welfare action points.

About PatoGen:

PatoGen was established in 2005 and has been a major contributor to improving salmon fish health. PatoGen is 100% owned by Fürst Medical Laboratory. Fürst is offering similar services to the human health care sector in Norway as PatoGen is offering to aquaculture.

 PatoGen has approximately 65 employees working at the units in Norway, Scotland and Ireland.

 PatoGen employees are specialists in fish health, diagnostics and laboratory production. This, combined with a passion for improved fish health, has established trust among fish farmers, who receive reliable results, good service and independent trustworthy advice.

Bente Lund Jacobsen ansatt som Daglig leder i GATH

Bente Lund Jacobsen ansatt som Daglig leder i GATH


Bente Lund Jacobsen ansatt som Daglig leder i Global Aquaculture Tech Hub (GATH)

GATH har siden oppstarten i 2021 doblet seg i antall medlemmer og vi har erfart viktigheten i å stå sammen for å løse de store felles utfordringene næringen møter. Vi var på leting etter en daglig leder som hadde erfaring fra havbruksnæringen, som forstår kraften i å samarbeide, som evner å løfte fram GATH bedriftenes samfunnsbidrag og samtidig har erfaring i fra å bygge og drifte en forening. Ikke minst var det også viktig å finne en klar og tydelig leder som har forståelse for det politiske apparat for vår næring, altså en kokekyndig maskinist med skipper erfaring. Bente har betydelig erfaring på alle områdene og jeg er veldig glad for at hun skal lede GATH videre sier styreleder, Per Helge Devold.

Bente Lund Jacobsen har siden 2020 vært eldreombud i Norge. Hun har 10 års erfaring fra Havbruksnæringen gjennom å lede de 12 nasjonale og internasjonale selskapene i Mørenot konsernets Aquaculture satsning. I 2018 ble hun adm dir i Næringsforeningen Ålesundregionen hvor hun la grunnlaget for en rekke viktige prosjekt for regionen. 

Bente Lund Jacobsen gleder seg til å komme i gang i sin nye jobb og ser frem til å arbeide med medlemsbedriftene i næringer hun har stor respekt for.

Bente sier, jeg gleder meg til å komme i gang, arbeide sammen med medlemmene og bidra til å videreutvikle GATH. Jeg ser på GATH som en fremoverlent og rett satsning på samarbeid og utvikling av næringer innenfor havbruksbransjene. Nå får jeg muligheten til å være med på denne satsingen og samtidig arbeide sammen med mange bedrifter jeg kjenner fra tidligere og ikke minst bli kjent med nye. Jeg gleder meg til å ta fatt på oppgavene.

Bente Lund Jacobsen tiltrer som daglig leder i GATH 1 august 2023.


Sentrale aktører i havbruksnæringen gikk sammen og etablerte Global Acuaculture Tech Hub (GATH) for å løse felles utfordringer innen fiskevelferd og bærekraft. Flere av aktørene er verdensledende innen sitt fagfelt og målet med huben er å styrke samarbeidet og øke innovasjonstakten slik at vi vi fortsetter å være globalt ledende innen akvakulturteknologi. Økt eksport og verdiskaping er en klar målsetting. Siden oppstart i 2021 har GATH leid administrative tjenester fra Ålesund Næringsforening, på bakgrunn av økt aktivitetsnivå ser en nå behovet for en fulltids administrativ leder.

Vedlagt foto av Per Helge Devold og Bente Lund Jacobsen.

For ytterligere informasjon kontakt:
 Navn: Bente Lund Jacobsen
Mobil: +47 97 10 82 88

Navn: Per Helge Devold
Mobil: +47 97 10 80 90

GATH Member presentations – Møreforskning

GATH Member presentations – Møreforskning

Møreforsking offers research and development in a wide range of disciplines.

Møreforsking is a non-profit research institute with offices in Ålesund, Molde and Kristiansund. The institute conducts applied research on topics related to marine- and social sciences, transport economics and logistics. We contribute to sustainable resource management, innovation and value creation through research and knowledge production in collaboration with industry, public sector, as well as national and international research institutions. Møreforsking possesses various laboratory facilities, including laboratory for chemical and molecular analysis, a facility for live marine organisms and a process laboratory for conservation, storage and primary processing. We also conduct sensory evaluation by our inhouse trained panel.

Møreforsking is located in the middle of the marine cluster in North-West Norway. The proximity to rich marine resources, combined with strong traditions in catching, processing and exporting seafood, make Norway in general and North-West Norway in particular a leading player in marine industries.

Møreforsking’s role is to contribute knowledge through research and development that increases value creation in the industry. We carry out research and development projects for the fisheries and aquaculture industries, the seafood processing industry, exporters, and industry organizations.

Sustainable oceans and coast

Marine and coastal ecosystems provide people with both services and resources. Møreforsking is located in a region that is rich in resources, and where marine value creation is strong. An important part of Møreforsking’s research is closely linked to the ecosystems at sea and in the coastal region. The research includes topics related to renewable resources, the functions and dynamics of ecosystems, as well as research on individual species and interactions between them. Among other things, we have projects related to management, integrated coastal zone management, utilization of new biological resources and development of new industry.

Seafood processing

In order to compete in the global seafood market, the Norwegian marine industry must offer products of the highest possible quality. Møreforsking has several researchers in the field of seafood processing who work continuously to increase our knowledge of how production processes affect the nutritional, chemical and sensory quality of seafood. Due to Møre and Romsdal’s proximity to the sea, with white fish such as cod and haddock, and pelagic species such as herring and mackerel, much of our research takes place in close collaboration with regional industry that utilizes these marine resources. Møreforsking has also for several decades worked with live seafood, especially with how quality and animal welfare can be maintained during live storage and transport of shellfish.