Politikere – snakk med næringslivet!

Politikere – snakk med næringslivet!

Vår daglige leder, Bente Lund Jacobsen, advarer politiske partier mot å skyte fra hofta når det gjelder skatter og avgifter, spesielt med tanke på konsekvensene for næringslivet.

Bente viser bekymring til de alternative statsbudsjettene som er lagt fram for 2024. Les mer om hvordan hun oppfordrer partiene til å snakke med næringen før endelige beslutninger tas. Med ulike perspektiver fra partiene på skatt og avgiftsregimet, understreker artikkelen behovet for at politikere må forstå konsekvensene av sine forslag og direkte engasjere seg med næringslivet. GATH ønsker en bærekraftig fremtid for arbeidsplasser i distrikts-Norge, og håper at politikerne ønsker det samme.

Les mer i denne artikkelen på nett.no

GATH member presentation – ENTEC

GATH member presentation – ENTEC

Fish Farming & Aquaculture

 ENTEC Evotec develops and sells compact handling solutions for sea cages, well boats, service boats and for other vessels that transport fish or deliver handling operations in aquaculture.

At ENTEC Evotec the customer is always in center and we will deliver innovative and efficient solutions so that they can run their farming business both sustainably and profitably.


Segment: Fish handling solutions for aquaculture and fishery

Handling solution for sea cages

ENTEC Evotec prefer to get envolved early in the design process with the design company in the development of offshore sea cages where the purpose is to find the most efficient solution for handling all the sea equipment. For example: nets, ropes, and our self-developed bottom ring. Everything handled through our custom automation system.

Well Boats

ENTEC Evotec has the most gentle handling solution for moving fish.

Our solutions are designed for the challenging environment to which these vessels are exposed as frequent disinfection, and we deliver electric operation controlled through EWDS (Evotec Winch Drive Solution), or hydraulically operated systems

Sea Harvesting

ENTEC Evotec develops handling systems for optimal harvesting from all types of shells to fish and algae.

Cultivation of organisms in water has taken place for several thousand years. The development has been enormous, and we believe that this is just the beginning, and an important contribution to nutrion for an evergrowing population. ENTEC Evotec has taken an active part in this development, and with our solutions we will be a contributor to reducing the climate footprint and providing more efficient solutions.


ENTEC is an abbreviation for ENvironmental TEChnology and defines our vision to base our business on sustainable technological solutions.

We develop our business in a strategic and sustainable direction where environmenta focus, social responsibility and business ethical corporate governance are becoming more and more important frameworks (“ESG”). We are in markets that are framed by the UN’s 17 sustainability goals, and our technological solutions contribute toa sustainable footprint.

In sum, our focus areas can be briefly framed as followed:


Water, wether it is fresh or salty, is a common denominator for everything the ENTEC Group work with. We are helping Norwegian municipalities delivering clean water to everyone living there, and we supply smart solutions to the treatment plants. And when fish farmers build land based facilities, they often come to us for tanks for the fish to grow and thrive in. At maritim businesses and vessels all over the world you might see brands and brand names from the ENTEC family; on winches and handling systems, on screens, control panel and on pipe systems.

Our biggest markets are value chains that contribute to increased food production in the world, and we help to reduce the (environmental impact and) footprint in the markets we are in through our efficient solutions.

  • We have chosen to be in markets that contribute to sustainability.
  • Our products are technologically advanced and energy efficient.
  • Product with high quality and long lifespan.


  • We contribute to the local communities we are a part of.
  • We work systematicallt to ensure our employees have a nice and safe workingenvironment.
  • Internal work processes are systematized in a quality management system to increase quality, traceability and efficiency, for us and our suppliers.


  • Our ethical guidelines set strict/strong requirements for all employees in our company when it comes to ethics, corruption and money laundering.
  • We work systematically for diversity, equality and inclusion.
  • We have owners who wants to develop and grow the business in a positive direction guided by focusing on ESG.


Evotec`s solutions are designed for the challenging environment to which these vessels are exposed as frequent disinfection, and we deliver electric operation controlled through EWDS (Evotec Winch Drive Solution), or hydraulically operated systems.

We deliver complete packages to:

  • Service boat: rope transfer equipment, winches, cranes, automation- and control system.
  • Offshore fish cages: winches, bottom ring, net, cranes, capstans, automation- and control system.
  • Well boats: cranes for net handling, hose cranes, provision cranes, winches, capstans, hose reel, automation- and control system.
  • De-licing: hose frame.


Brimer are a leading supplier of corrosion free tank solutions to the land based fish farming and other tank-integrated solutions from smolt to ready-to-slaughter fish


  • We design, manufacture and install on-site in Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP).
  • We deliver to facilities that produce hatchery fish, mail smolt and broodstock. In addition, deliveries to food fish farms have become increasingly important.
  • The tanks can be equipped with hatches, ladders, footbridges and jumping edges according to the customers needs.
  • We also produce and supply center pots, center columns, CO2 aerators, oxygenation cones and dead fish boxes.

    GATH member presentation – OXYMAT

    GATH member presentation – OXYMAT

    About OXYMAT

    Reliable manufacturer of O2 and N2 PSA generators

    Who we are

    OXYMAT is the largest supplier of PSA oxygen and nitrogen gas generators in Europe.

    We are specialists in designing on-site gas generators, and we supply high quality custom-made solutions as well as standard industrial solutions for any industries and applications.

    Regardless of your choice you will always get the highest quality and the lowest energy costs.


    OXYMAT in numbers
    • +100 employees
    • +45 engineers
    • +6,000 installations
    • +€25,000,000 turnover in 2020

    What is our offer to you?

    With OXYMAT gas generators you can produce your own high-quality oxygen or nitrogen on-site.

    • You will become independent of gas suppliers.
    • You will save time and money.
    • You will have security of supply.

    Having your own nitrogen or oxygen gas generating system puts an end to ordering/storing/stocking cylinders and checking your liquid oxygen tanks or nitrogen gas cylinders.

    When working with OXYMAT you can rest assured that we will listen, design, and manufacture your equipment according to your requirements.

    This is why we have gained the reputation world-wide as the supplier of the highest quality PSA gas systems on the market. A reputation we are proud of and do our best to preserve every day.

    Aquaculture –

    Oxygen application

    World’s largest well boat

    OXYMAT delivered the oxygen package for Ronja Storm and Gåsa Høvding, world largest wellboat.

    World’s largest smolt station

    OXYMAT delivered the oxygen package for Bakkafrost’s smolt station in the Faroe Islands. The system consists of 7 full lines – each with a capacity of 650 kg/hr.

    Quick ROI (1-2 years)
    Power consumption is more than 30% lower than any other oxygen generator on the market. Overall cost reduction up to 80% in comparison with cylinders. No on-going costs (refills, delivery and transportation charges etc.)


    With OXYMAT you will get gas generators of superior quality

    A supplier you can rely on

    OXYMAT acts as an efficient and reliable collaborator for customers as well as end-users.

    Our production is highly standardized, and all materials are produced according to offshore specifications. The only difference between a unit manufactured for an oil rig in the North Sea or a factory in Pakistan is the documentation package and the electrical equipment. 

    Our standard product includes: 

    • stainless steel pipe sets and valves SS316L
    • powder coating in C4 equivalent offshore specs – inside and outside pressure vessels
    • pressure vessels designed for dynamic load
    • Bürkert (GE) angle-seated process valves (SS316L)

    GATH member presentation – Twoday

    GATH member presentation – Twoday

    We create a better tomorrow through technology

    Established: 2022
    Number of employees: 2500
    Segment: Information technology
    Customers: 8,000
    Countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Lithuania


    twoday was established in 2022 when 22 former Visma companies from the Visma Custom Solution division were separated from Visma. Visma Custom Solutions’ focus was on consultancy and IT solutions. The business model of a consultancy is quite different from Visma’s focus on standard SaaS software, and both parties felt at Visma and twoday would be even more successful as separate companies.

     Our name, twoday, shows our eagerness to work closely with customers and it reflects that we are always available, present and efficient. The “Two” in twoday represents partnership with customers and community among employees. “Two” also represents equality, teamwork and cooperation between people. “twoday” represents drive, presence, availability and trust to deliver on time.


    With more than 2,500 employees and 8,000 customers, we are one of the largest tech consulting companies in the Nordics.  Every day we develop truly useful solutions that make people’s everyday lives a little easier. We have a broad range of competencies. Whether you’re looking for specialists who can boost your e-commerce or customize applications, experts in software development, data & analysis or digital marketing – you will find your team of skilled people at twoday. To put it simply, we help people create value in the complex landscape of digital transformation. 

    Our people combine strong skills with drive, adaptability and a big heart. Leading the way in digital transformation is no easy task. That’s why we invest in learning and development.

    We’re a forward thinking community that works with new and modern technology to solve today’s challenges and create a better future. Together, we make a difference today – and prepare ourselves, clients and society for what tomorrow will bring.



    We use data-driven insights to improve existing solutions in the public and private sector. Implementing sustainable technology solutions can be based on this insight. It is rewarding to contribute with data-driven insight that positively impacts society.

    For example we have helped property companies that need a better overview of their buildings. Based on this, we find ways to streamline and optimise how spaces are used. Several buildings are empty after working hours, and can be used for other activities so that there are fewer buildings that need heating, and you don’t have to build more than necessary. 

    Another example, is how our solutions contributed to saving businesses and workplaces in a difficult time. When consumption patterns changed as a result of the pandemic, we used insights from data collection to see how stores could adapt their offering. That way they could continue to be profitable.

    GATH member presentation – Patogen

    GATH member presentation – Patogen

    Fish health and fish welfare – a key to improved aquaculture

    To succeed in aquaculture access to precise health data and in-depth expertise in the understanding of biology is essential.

    PatoGen has a long-standing record within fish health and has a lasting ambition to be a major contributor to more sustainable production of fish.

    What we do: 

    • We detect viruses, bacteria and parasites in fish farms.
    • We understand the consequence of positive detections in a biosecurity perspective.
    • We establish fish health and fish welfare action points.

    About PatoGen:

    PatoGen was established in 2005 and has been a major contributor to improving salmon fish health. PatoGen is 100% owned by Fürst Medical Laboratory. Fürst is offering similar services to the human health care sector in Norway as PatoGen is offering to aquaculture.

     PatoGen has approximately 65 employees working at the units in Norway, Scotland and Ireland.

     PatoGen employees are specialists in fish health, diagnostics and laboratory production. This, combined with a passion for improved fish health, has established trust among fish farmers, who receive reliable results, good service and independent trustworthy advice.